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Quattro Mori Menu

Bruschetta or Stuzzichini Selection of Home Made Breads

Sardinian crispy bread. Sardinian crispy bread, Grissini and fresh bread served with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.(£2.45)

Bruschetta Romana. Toasted bread topped with fresh chopped tomato, mozzarella and basil.(£4.50)

Bruschetta Ortolana. Toasted bread topped with pepper, courgettes and mozzarella.(£4.50)

Bruschetta Sarda. Toasted bread topped with Sardinian spiced Pecorino cheese and extra virgin olive oil.(£4.50)

Garlic bread Pizza.(£3.95)
Garlic bread Pizza with cheese.(£4.50)
Garlic bread with tomato.(£4.50)
Garlic bread with cheese and tomato.(£4.95)

Focaccia. Pizza bread with rosemary, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil.(£3.95)

Focaccia del Campidano. Pizza bread with Parma ham, sea salt,
rosemary and extra virgin olive oil.(£4.95)

Bowl of marinated olives.(may contain stones)(£2.45)

Antipasti Freddi (Cold Starters)

Mozzarella Caprese. Buffalla mozzarella with plum tomato, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.(£6.95)

Pate della Casa. Smooth chicken liver pate with orange and apricot chutney served with melba toast.(£5.95)

Prawn Cocktail. Cocktail of tiger prawns with classic mary rose souce.(£6.95)

Prosciutto Sardo Pepato. Finest cured peppered ham from
Sardinia region.(£7.50)

Affetato Italiano. A regional selection of Italian ham and salami served with crispy bread.(£6.95)

Insalata di Mare. Spicy sea food salad of calamari,tiger prawns, clams and mussles in lemon, garlic,chilli and extra vergin olive oil.(£7.50)

Antipasto Italiano. A selection of cold starters.(£7.95)

Melone e Gamberetti. The classic melon and prawns.(£6.95)

Prosciutto e Melone. Melon and Parma ham.(£6.95)

Antipasto Sardo. A selection of Sardinian sausages, artichokes, cured ham, olives, peppers, pecorino cheese and spiced pecorino cream cheese served on crispy bread.(£8.95)

Antipasti Caldi (Hot starters)

Funghi all'Aglio. Baked mushrooms in a creamy garlic sauce.(£5.50)

Fritto Misto. Deep fried white bait, calamari and butterfly prawns served with chef dip.(£7.50)

Calamari Fritti. Deep fried calamari rings with garlic mayo.(£6.50)

Gamberoni Picanti. King prawns in spiced tomatoes and chilli sauce.(£7.50)

Gamberoni all'Aglio. King prawns with garlic butter.(£7.50)

Asparagi alla Parmigana. Green asparagus with crispy pancetta
and parmisan.(£7.50)

Buce di Patate. Golden fried patato skins with garlic mayonnaise.(£4.50)

Insalata Tiepida. Warm salad of crispy pancetta and mushrooms with a light mustard dressing.(£6.50)

Soup of the day.(£4.50)

Cozze Bianche. Mussels in white whine, ginger, cream and lemongrass.(£6.95)

Cozze Arrabiata. Mussels in spicy tomato sauce, parsely and
white wine.(£6.95)

Pasta (Happy Hour £5.95)

Spaghetti Alla Bolognese. Bolognese sauce with spaghetti.(£7.95)

Penne Prosciutto e Funghi. Cream, cured ham, mushrooms
and parmisan.(£7.95)

Penne alla Romana. Chicken pieces, mushrooms, tomato and cream.(£7.95)

Penne all'Arrabiata. Spicy tomato.(£7.95)

Spaghetti alla Carbonara. Pancetta, cream, parmisan, black pepper and egg.(£7.95)

Cannelloni. Pasta filled with pork and mince beef.(£7.95)

Lasagne al Forno. Traditional pork and beef mince lasagne.(£7.95)

Linguine Napoli. Tomato and basil.(£7.95)

Malloredus Campidanese. Small shell pasta with Sardinian sausage, chilli and tomato.(£7.95)

Malloredus alla Calasettana. Small shell pasta with tuna, green pesto and chopped tomatoes.(£7.95)

Linguine Amatriciana. Pancetta, chilli, onion and tomato.(£7.95)

Fusilli ai Veggetali. Twisted pasta with mix vegetables.(£7.95)

Linguine Mare e Monti. Tomato, cream, prawns and mushrooms.(£8.95)

Penne Quattro Formaggi. Baked four cheese penne pasta.(£8.95)

Linguine ai Frutti di Mare. Tiger prawns, baby clams, calamari, mussels, garlic and tomato.(£9.95)

Penne al Salmone. Penne pasta with smoked salmon, cream and light tomato sauce.(£8.95)

Risotto alla Boscaiola. Risotto with mixed woodland mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil and parmisan.(£8.95)

Risotto alla Pescatora. Mixed sea food, risotto with white wine, saffron, parsley and extra virgin olive oil.(£9.95)

Pilau Di Calasetta. Sardinian dish with mixed sea food.(£9.95)

Pizza (Happy Hour £5.95)

Romana. Mozzarella, tomato, ham, spiced sausage and chicken.(£7.95)

Nostromo. Mozzarella, tomato, tuna, spring onion and olives.(£7.95)

Sarda. Mozzarella, tomato, Sardinia sausage, olives, garlic
and oregano.(£7.95)

Pizza Americana. Mozzarella, tomato, pepperoni, red onion and chilli sauce.(£7.95)

Vegetariana. Mozzarella, tomato and mixed vegetables.(£7.95)

Margherita. Mozzarella and tomato.(£6.95)

Napoletana. Mozzarella,tomata, capers and anchovies.(£7.95)

Bolognese. Mozzarella and Bolegnese sauce.(£7.95)

Prosciutto e Funghi. Mozzarella, tomato, ham and mushrooms.(£7.95)

Pizza Dell Estate. Ham and pineapple.(£7.95)

Calzone Rustico. Half moon shape pizza filled with mozzarella, tomato, ham, salami and mushrooms.(£8.95)

Pizza Marinara. Mozzarella, tomato and mixed sea food.(£8.95)

Mare e Monti. Mozzarella , tomato, tuna, prawns, mushrooms
and olives.(£8.95)

Carni (Meat dishes)

Salsiccia Sarda con Fagioli. Sardinian free range pork sausage with garlic, black pepper and chilli served with Borlotti beans and mash potato.(£13.50)

Saute' Manzo Stroganoff. Strips of beef fillet stroganoff served
with rice.(£14.50)

Saltinbocca alla Romana. Roman dish of sliced veal with parma ham in white wine butter and fresh sage served with sautéed potatoes.(£16.95)

Costoletta D'agnello. Roasted rack of lamb with garlic and rosemary served with mash potato.(£16.50)

Grilled meat

Sirloin steak. (10z/280g)(£14.50)

Fillet steak. (8z/250g)(£16.50)

Rib eye steak. (8z/250g)(£14.50)


Choice of sauce.
Al pepe, dianne, dolcelatte, arrabiatta, cream and mushrooms, pizzaiola, hollandaise and béarnaise. Served with side salad, vegetables or chips.

POLLI (Chicken)

Parmesan. Breaded chicken toped with béchamel and
mozzarella cheese.(£11.95)

Milanese. Breaded pan fried chicken.(£10.50)

Chicken Kiev.(£10.50)

Pollo Della Nonna. Chicken with blue cheese and pepper corn sauce.(£10.50)

Pollo Crema e Funghi. Chicken supreme with a creamy sauce of mushroom and white wine.(£10.50)

Polletto Ruspante. Grilled chicken with lemon, rosemary and extra virgin olive oil.(£10.50)

Pollo alla Valdostana. Breaded deep fried chicken topped with
ham, mushrooms and mozzarella.(£11.95)

Pollo in Umido. Chicken fillet marinated in white wine, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and tomato sauce.(£10.50)

Pollo alla Contadina. Chicken supreme with asparagus, mushrooms and carrot served with spiced tomato sauce.(£11.95)

Tacchino di Calasetta. Marinated turkey in herbs, white wine, extra virgin olive oil and finished with tomato sauce.(£11.95)

Served with salad vegetables or chips.

Pesce (Fish dishes)

Spiedino di Gamberoni. Skewered king prawns, grilled with lemon and white wine.(£16.50)

Zuppa di Pesce. Italian seafood ragout in a light tomato
and basil sauce.(£15.95)

Merluzzo Burro e Senape. Pan cooked Haddock with butter, sage and grain mustard.(£10.50)

Sogliola al Burro. Lemon sole fillets in lemon, butter and sage.(£16.50)

Gamberoni alla Calasettana. King prawns in a spiced tomato sauce.(£16.90)

Salmone Scozzese. Pan fried salmon with white wine, lemon, butter
and sage.(£14.50)

Pesce Spada alla Calasettana. Sardinian style sword fish steak with olive oil, garlic and mixed herbs.(£15.50)

Filetto di Branzino Reale. Seabass fillet with tiger prawns, chives and chilli butter.(£16.95)

Orata Di Calasetta. Marinated seabream in herbs, white wine and extra virgin olive oil.(£15.50)

Served with salad, vegetables, rice or chips.

Verdure e Contorni (Side dishes)

Legumi e patate. Seasonal vegetables and potatoes.(£2.50)
Sautéed Potatoes.(£2.50)
Patatine Fritte. In house hand cut chunky chips.(£2.50)
Spinaci Saltati. Spinach sautéed in garlic, extra virgin olive oil and chilli.(£2.50)
Zucchini Fritti. Deep fried courgettes.(£2.50)
Insalata Mista. Seasonal mixed salad.(£3.95)
Pomodori e Cipolla. Sliced tomato with red onion and basil olive oil.(£3.50)
Rucola e Parmigiano. Rocket leaves and parmisan shavings with balsamic vinegar dressing.(£4.50)