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Welcome to Quattro Mori in Hartlepool

Quattro Mori is a family owned Italian/Sardinian restaurant in the North East town of Hartlepool. Experience the delights of traditional Sardinian style cooking in modern surroundings. You will get to taste classic Sardinian foods such as Bruschetta, Prosciutto Sardo Pepato, Risotto alla Pescatora and Saute' Manzo Stroganoff to name just a few.

We would encourage families to come and sample the food, we cater for all needs. If you would like to book a table, please telephone 01429 867739 or contact us using the online form. We would be delighted to hear from you and how your experience of Quattro Mori restaurant was.

Where does the name Quattro Mori come from?
I Quattro Mori means 'The Four Moors' and it is the symbol taken from the Sardinian flag. The Four Moors is actually a bronze statue overlooking the Medici Port in Livorno. The statue is of four slaves shackled to a monument crafted by the sculpter Pietro Tacca. The monument represents Tuscany's victories over pirate attacks.